Buttock Augmentation Options for Pre-op Transsexual?

Hello All,

I am an english preop transsexual, currently i weigh 9 stone four pounds and stand at 5ft 7.5 inch tall. I have what you can say a fairy slender body and the usage of my hormones has improved my shape of body somewhat, though now i have had breast implants. I wish to balance my buttocks more.

I am interested in getting an opinion from a surgeon whom I can send some of my pictures to view and suggest Fat Transfer or Implants. I am not against implants at all if that is the only way.

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Butt Augmentation

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Buttock augmentation can enhance the natural curves for patients who are unhappy with the shape of their rear ends. It can also add volume and roundness to a flat or small butt for patients seeking a more balanced body profile. Body-builders may seek buttock augmentation if they are unable to develop gluteal muscles in proportion with the rest of their bodies. Generally, if you are looking for a fuller, curvier butt, buttock augmentation may be for you.

Buttock Augmentation

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Most of the times, I use your own fat for the procedure. However to get a nice result, I need to liposuction significnat amount of fat. Unfortunatley, I do not think that you have enough fat to give you the results that you are looking for. Implants will probably be a better option for you. Feel free to email photos for more information.

Buttock enhancement

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You look veryslender, may be some fat in the abdomen and flans, but may be not enough to give you enough fat for fat transfer to the buttocks. If that is the case then the only option is a BUTTOCK IMPLANT.

I still would recommend liposuction of the flanks and the abdomen.

Lipo of the flanks will enhance the curves and make the buttock more round. I may still use that fat and give you an implant for further enhancement.

A side view picture from the shoulders to the knees will help evaluate the body, also a picture from the neck to the knees, side view will also help evaluate the body proportions.

Measurement of the chest with the breast, the waist and the buttocks at their highest porojection.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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