I Have Buttock Implants for 3 Yrs..can I Do BBL Now to Increase Volume??

I want alot more volume all over buttocks...I want a Brazilian Butt Lift to increase volume can i do it....with lasting results...the 5-6 hour surgery.. how much?? thx

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Brazilian Butt lift performed over an existing Buttock Implant to further enhance the results.

It is no secret that Constatino Mendeta in Florida has experience with all forms of buttock augmentation. He treats numerous patients from all over South America who have had implants placed in the past. I would get an expert consulltation with him regarding your specific concerns.

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Fat Grafting after implants can be done........But.....

I agree with Dr Williams, it can be done, but does have additional risks. The existing implant is also likely to limit how much fat can be injected as well as how much will survive. I have done this, and these have been my experiences as well. 

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
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Brazilian Butt Lift and Buttock Implants

Thanks for your question -

At our San Francisco area practice we perform the brazilian buttock lift procedure regularly and take pride in our expertise.  We have performed the operation in combination with existing buttock implants but great care has to be used to avoid damaging the existing implant or depositing fat against the implant (it is much harder for the fat to become revascularized if it is in contact with the implant).

In addition, many times the position of the implant prevents fat injection below the plane of the existing implant, which can cause problems reaching higher volumes of fat.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns.

I hope this helps.

Steven H. Williams, MD
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