Where Are Incisions Made for Butt Lift?

I want a butt lift and I have a nice sexy flat tummy. Will they still cut me in front? I only want to raise my butt and get rid of celulite..I dont want a scar on something nice.

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Butt Lift Scar

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A standard Butt Lift involves a bikini line scar that extends across the lower back/upper butt from the left to the right hip. Exactly how far the scar would extend would depend upon the individual patient and the degree of lifting required to achieve the desired result. Most patients who need a butt lift also need some tightening in the lateral thigh and will need an incision to accomplish that.

A Brazilian Butt Lift does not involve significant scarring and requires the transfer of autologous fat into the butt to firm and shape, but no actual lifting occurs. Your surgeon can describe which of these approaches would benefit you depending upon your anatomy and your goals.

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A Butt Lift is different from a Brazilian Butt Lift

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A true Butt Lift involves skin tightening. This involves a scar across the low back/upper buttocks area. This is totally different from the Brazilian Butt Lift which is a method of filling out the skin of the buttocks with your own fat, enlarging, lifting and shaping the buttocks. A true "Butt Lift" lifts up a drooping buttocks, but the trade off is a scar. There would not be a scar on your stomach unless you need a tummy tuck.

Where Are Incisions Made for Butt Lift?

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If you are only working on getting the butt lift, then no, the incisions do not need to come onto the abdomen.  On the other had, have you considered a brazilian butt lift?

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Incisions for Butt Lift

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Thank you for your question. There are different incision points depending on the type of problem and the surgeons preference. A butt lift using fat grafting should not involve further scars on your abdomen. Be sure to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine your  best options. I hope this helps!

Buttock lift- does it involve scars

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A Brazilian buttock lift involves filling the buttock skin and tissue with fat, also known as a fat transfer- there is no cutting of skin.  A true buttock lift involves an incision which goes across the lower back and elevates/removes the excess buttock skin. This is typically done at the same time as a body lift and is reserved for patients who have significant excess skin of the torso.

A board certified plastic surgeon will be able to recommend the best procedure for your body.

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Butt lift and Brazilian butt lift

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You do not have to have an incision on the front of your abdomen to have a butt lift.  In the standard butt lift an incision is made just above the buttocks, in the lower waist, and the excess skin and fat is excised. 

Another alternative is the Brazilian butt lift.   In this case no incisions are made.  Instead fat is liposuctioned from one area where ther is excess fat, such as the hips or abdomen.   The fat is then emulsified and injected into the buttocks to give it a fuller/ more youthful appearance.

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