Going to the Bathroom After Butt Lift

I had surgery around 7:00 am today, and I still have not gone to the bathroom. Is that normal?

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Buttock Surgery

Contact your surgeon regarding the bathroom issue.  Anesthesia and other medication could be a factor.

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Bathroom after buttock lift

If you have not gone to the bathroom for several hours after a surgical procedure, you should contact your doctor.

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Pain medications may cause constipation.

Some of the medications perscribed to you may be causing constipation.  You shoud call your Doctors office and speak to a nurse.  If you had surgery this morning, you should be receiving a all checking on you by the office as well.  You can ask them if this ois normal.  Make sure you are well hydrated.

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You should contact your plastic surgeon.  If your surgeon is not available, you should still seek medical advice.

Ensure that you are well hydrated, and follow all post operative recommendations given to you.


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Call your surgeon.


The Internet is great abut after your surgery you should follow the direction of your surgeon.


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Buttock enhancement

Call your surgeon and ask for his/her opiion. You must follow your surgeons instructions in the post operative time

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Using the Bathroom After Butt Lift Surgery

Thank you for your question. You should urinate without difficulty, but a bowel movement may take 24-48 hours if you did not have anything to eat.  Longer than 48 hours should prompt a call to your doctor.  I hope this helps!

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Going to the bathroom after surgery.

I would recommend you contact your surgeon to let him know your concern. This is common to happen due to pain medication and anesthesia.

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