Should I Do a Butt Lift with Scar Above the Butt? Lipo the Fat from the Lower? or Use Threads? (photo)

ok here is my position after many surgery here i am with this dilema, i just wanna a nice butt to be able to use bikini and thight pants, what should i do to archieve this dream? lift my butt with the scar above the butt? lipo the fat from the lower part? oe use threads to lift? i know the scar will be big if i choose the scar above, liposuction i think i will have extra skin cuz my skin is very elastic, and the threads even thought i think is my best option, everybody else think is not a good.

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Drooping Buttocks..... Options?

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It appears to me that you already have Butt Implants in place.  ???Right???  If you do or don't will change all suggestions.   
Definitely, do not waste your time and money on "Thread Lifts" of the buttocks.  They could barely sustain the weight of the skin of women's faces much less sustain the weight of your buttocks or your entire body sitting on them!    It looks to me like a true Buttocks Lift (scar at the top) may be the best option for you. Adding more fat will add more weight and more drooping. 

But, if you do have implants, my suggestion will be entirely different!  

Looking at your photos again..... I would recommend removing your implants and having fat transfered to your buttocks.  There is no way to permanently correct a drooping buttocks implant.  I am assuming that the implants are on top of your muscle.  Placing them under the muscle is an option, but will likely leave you with more drooping of your skin that will need to be tightened. The best option is to remove them and correct the skin laxity and refil your buttocks with your own fat. 


Loose Buttock Tissue with Good Volume

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Since you have good volume to your buttock, it really depends on how much fat your surgeon can obtain from elsewhere to further inflate and tighten your buttock tissue. This can be done without making it much bigger should you not desire that. If your skin is extremely loose and you do not have enough fat to accomplish selective buttock augmentation to tighten and lift (similar to putting more air in a balloon!) then a lift of some sort may be needed , perhaps above your buttock. Some patients cover this scar with tattoos if healing is not optimal with your genetics and specific skin type.  Only a physical exam will be able to tell. I have a lot of out of town patients and you may require a virtual consult first using SKYPE or more picture angles. Here is a video and links to a gallery that may help you find a similar body type.

Ashkan Ghavami, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock Lift Options

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This is a case where only an actual hands-on physical exam and consult can provide the best recommendation.  Despite not being able to tell you what to do, I can tell you what not to do - Threads are unlikely to have any lasting effect and liposuction of the buttock is almost never a good idea for fear of major contour irregularities and skin redraping problems.  An upper or lower buttock tuck may be the best solution but again this would have to be determined after a live consultation.  Hope this helps...RAS 

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock Lift

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Threads are worthless.

Liposuction will cause more drooping of the buttocks.

As to what is best for you, Need to know what was done in the past, what caused the problem, then do a complete exam before we can realistically give you a good advise

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Options for patient unhappy after multiple buttock interventions

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Hi there-

Your photos indicate a very unnatural appearance and suggest the presence of implants.

There are not going to be easy, simple solutions, and any further intervention will need to be carefully thought through, with a thorough understanding of what has gone on before...

It is therefore not going to be possible (nor would it be responsible) for me to offer you recommendations other than this one-

Find an excellent, experienced buttock enhancement surgeon and visit for a consultation.

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