What Kind of Payment Plans Do Doctors Have for Butt Lift?

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Payment Options

Thank you for your question. This will vary from practice to practice. Some only accept cash, others allow credit cards, others have care-credit. Find a doctor you like and evaluate his payment options. I hope this helps.

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Payment plans offered by plastic surgeons.

HEllo. Each office offers different options for payment. Most accept cash, cashier's check or credit card. Financing options are also offered in most offices. A popular financing company associated with most board certified plastic surgeons is Care Credit. Check with your surgeon to see what their protocol.

Jaime Perez, MD
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Financing options

Our office accepts major credit cards. There are many external financing options through companies like Care Credit  which offer several interest rates with different lengths of repayment.  When you schedule an appointment, my staff can explain your finance options.

Vishnu Rumalla, MD
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Payment Options for Butt Lift

Many board certified plastic surgeons offer a multitude of payment options: 

From cash or credit card to 3rd party financing options.

Care Credit is a popular cosmetic surgery financing service. Many times they offer 0% financing if you can repay the amount within a certain time period.

Check with your board certified plastic surgeon to see which options they have for payment. 

William A. Wallace, MD, FACS
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Butt Lift payment plans do exist!

I know of no cosmetic surgeons who do not require prepayment for elective surgery. Cash, cashier's check, credit card, and personal check (with appropriate time for check to clear the bank) are acceptable forms of payment in most offices. Many plastic surgeons, myself included, provide information about financing options by third parties (companies like carecredit.com, plasticsurgeryloans.com, and others), which require application and an approval process. The better your credit scores, the lower your interest rate.

Please be aware that payment is not for a guaranteed result or outcome; complications or reoperation (and their costs) should be discussed with your surgeon beforehand, so you are fully informed!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Butt Lifts can be financed.

The Butt lift like most cosmetic surgery is elective and the financial responsibility of the patient.  If cash or credit cards are not possible forms of payment then many doctors offer financing through several companies which have focused on cosmetic surgery as a niche.  Monthly payments at a modest interest depending on your FICO score can be arranged.  Occasionally the doctor may offer internal financing programs.  This is much less frequent.  Check with your desired doctors office.

Joseph Kurt Bivens, MD
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Payment Plans for Brazilian Butt Lift

Each office offers different options for payment. Most accept cash, cashier's check or credit card. Financing options are also offered in most offices. In our office, we work with several different financing companies to help our patients receive the best plan for their financial situation. Ofcourse, approval and interest rates are subject to credit check. You can visit our website to fill out an application for us to help you determine the best plan for you or you can apply directly. Some of the most popular options include CareCredit.com or MySurgeryLoans.com.

Tarick K. Smiley, MD
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Patient financing plans for butt lifts

A butt lift is an effective way to elevate sagging tissue and re-create the contours of your butt. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with other body contouring procedures. This procedure is usually performed in an inpatient setting with an overnight stay. In our practice, our patient coordinators are experts at matching the patient with a comfortable financing program that will help meet their budget.

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Buttock enhancement

There are several financing companies. Call the office and the office manager will help you.

Another method is you start paying the office as much and as frequently as you want. When the balance is paid then you can have the surgery.

Family members can help with financing or cosigning for financing.

Samir Shureih, MD
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