Non-surgical Options for Flat Buttocks?

I live in Tucson and I'm 36 years old. I have a flat butt. I think I need a butt lift, but I am scared of surgery. Are there non-surgical options? What do you suggest? Help me! I need some advice as what to do.

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Non Surgical Butt Lift Options

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Thank you for your question. Get a consult with a personal trainer who knows how to build gluteal muscles. Squats, cycling, gluteal curls, and other things can help significantly. You may see a lot of benefit, or only a slight improvement. Find out by trying for 6 months to a year. I hope this helps.

Danville Plastic Surgeon
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No Non-Surgical Options for Flat Buttocks

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Beware of injections for Buttocks - the amount needed is huge and many unscrupulous physicians and non-physicians have injected all sorts of dangerous substances into buttocks with terrible complications or worse. Just check out the internet (see below link) .Only surgical options are available, the least invasive is fat transfer to the buttocks also called a Brazilian Butt Lift. Only seek advice from a board certified plastic surgeon.

There are no effective and safe nonsurgical options for butt augmentation

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Patients today have many excellent choices for butt contouring and augmentation. Unfortunately, there are no safe and effective techniques that are noninvasive. Here in South Florida, we commonly see patients that have received injection of a variety of materials into their butt for augmentation. Unfortunately, these patients will developed severe and sometimes life-threatening reactions to these injections.

Please stay safe and always avoid injections of material into your butt. It's never worth it.

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Non surgical Buttock Lift

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There are no alternatives to buttock lift but surgical.

We do not have the technology to enhance a buttock but surgically, and no alternative to buttock lift but surgical.

If you are afraid of surgery and potential risks then DO NOT DO THE SURGERY.

Anything we do in life carry a certain amount of risk. Discuss all your options, goals with your BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

To fix FLAT, you need FAT!

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F & T,

The sequence of the operations from this point forward is mostly philosophical and personal -- start with the areas that bother you and that are within your budget.

Ask your plastic surgeon; he or she may have a preference... Good luck!

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