Will Butt Lift Eventually Turn Lumpy?

Can the Butt lift look like cottage cheese or lumpy after a period of time? I am thinking about having the Brazilian Butt Lift but I am worried that after a period of time, the fat will look lumpy or give the cottage cheese look. Can that happen after a period of time?

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Long-term results after a butt lift

Patients today have many effective ways to contour the Butt. Exercise may improve the shape and tone of the underlying muscle. However, if you continue to have stubborn areas of fat these can be used to your vantage. A Brazilian Butt lift can help contour your abdomen and torso by performing liposuction and then using the fat that is collected to enhance the appearance of your butt. If you received the fat injected to the butt, it will not become lumpy if done properly. A correct Brazilian Butt lift will use the fat injected by tiny droplets to build and contour the shape of your butt.

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Butt Lift

If the procedure is done well, it should feel and look normal.

It depend on the expertise of the plastic surgeon.

Fat is transfered to the buttock in small quantities put in layers from the muscle going uo to within the fat. This will prevent the lumpiness that can result by injecting large amount of fat into one area rather than layering the fat.

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Butt Lift results will not usually turn lumpy


The way things age in plastic surgery is very individual. Still I have not yet seen one of my butt lift patients get lumpy over time.

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Will Butt Lift eventually turn lumpy?

I don't think so, but as the saying goes, never say never in medicine.

The cottage cheese appearance happens when connective tissue compartments that hold fat pull in skin that is hanging.

Up to now in over 5 years of doing Brazilian Butt lift, it hasn't happened to me. There is a reason I think it is not likely to happen, and it is that I inject fat into the lateral column of the buttock, and that tends to keep the buttock elevated. Less hanging skin, less cottage cheese appearance.

See link below

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Will Butt Lift Eventually Turn Lumpy?

Thank you for your question. This can happen over time, especially if the fat was deposited very superficial. Fat is usually deposited deep near the oxygen rich muscle. See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for all of your alternatives regarding this procedure. I hope this helps.

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