Exercise After Butt Lift

I work out at the gym almost daily for about 2 hours. I do a lot of different exercises and use the gym equipment. Some of the machines really work your butt out.

Would I be able to continue working out as hard as I do after the butt lift has healed? Or would this cause any problems with the butt lift? Would it make my butt have contour abnormalities eventually?

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Exercise after butt lift recovery

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A butt lift should not impair your ability to exercise, but you do need to wait sufficient time before returning to your normal regiment.

I generally advise my patients to wait about six weeks before starting exercise. This gives adequate time for tissues to heal to a sufficient degree to avoid injuring oneself while exercising. Keep in mind, however, that you will not be able to return to your normal routine for some time. It will take several weeks or months before can return to the same level activity that you enjoyed prior to surgery.

Exercise will generally enhance the muscular tone of your buttocks and will enhance your overall appearance.

Fairfax Plastic Surgeon

Exercise Your Butt Lift!

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Once healed an exercise program is the best thing you can do to enhance and maintain the results of your butt lift. I suggest that patients wait about 6 weeks after surgery before pursuing vigorous exercise. Start slowly and work your way into it. 

Mark Preston, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Exercise essential after a Butt Lift

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Keep up the good work.  Exercise will not affect the results of your Butt Lift.  If anything it will enhance the results.  Now you will have increase muscle volume and tone.  The best butt exercise is sprinting or climbing stairs.  The use of the fast twitch muscles(gluteus maximus) through sprinting is very effective in increasing the size, shape and power of this rarely used muscle.  Power on.

Joseph Kurt Bivens, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Exercise after a butt lift surgery

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A butt lift is an effective way to elevate sagging tissue and re-create the contours of your butt. Because of the significant undermining and movement of tissues when performing a butt lift, we asked that patients wait a 10 weeks before returning to the gym and performing exercise. This will allow your body to heal and will help you retain your great new look.

Exercise after butt lifts is fine

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After a buttock lift heals, 3-6 weeks, I allow my patients to return to full activities. I encourage exercising. Increasing Increasing the underlying muscle mass will improve the overall apperance of the buttock.

Irvin M. Wiesman, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Exercise after butt lift...

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With the BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) the fat acts just like real fat would anywhere else in the body. So if you work out hard and burn a lot of calories. Those fat cells will shrink. If you gain weight they will grow. Exercise enough to stay tones but not too much to lose the volume.

Exercise after butt lift.

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As with all surgical procedures it is very important to fully understand and comply with the postoperative directions provided by your surgeon. Immediately after a Brazilian Butt Lift patients are allowed to lay on their back until they are fully recovered. Normally they are then turned over on their stomach. During the trip home after the procedure or when in route to a postoperative visit patients are recommended to either lay on their stomach or on their side After the patient goes home they are instructed to keep pressure off of the buttock area for at least 8 weeks. No sitting is permitted for 10 days postoperatively. The exception to this is to utilize the toilet. After 10 days the patient is allowed to sit in a modified position that will keep excess pressure from the buttock area. His can be accomplished with the use of a pillow placed beneath the hamstring muscles not touching the buttock. Patient's are recommended to wear the prescribed compression garment for up to 4-6 weeks postoperatively. Usually light exercise can be begun 2-3 weeks postoperatively. Heavier exercise should wait for 4-6 weeks. Usually by 8 weeks you are back to full activity.

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