Butt Lift for Asymmetric Gluteal Crease?

My right buttock cheek is larger and also lower than the left cheek. Its very visible that the right cheek has a lower gluteal crease or fold. I would like to lift the lowered right cheek and slightly augment the thinner left cheek via fat grafting to achieve balance. My skin is in good condition.

I was looking into the buttock lift procedure to have done just on my right cheek but I don't want any major scarring from the wedge of skin that is removed. Is there anyway to contour my backside without having a large scar so that my right cheek could be lifted and my left cheek could be slightly augmented?

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Butt Lift for Asymmetric Gluteal Crease?

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It is impossible to say without a good physical exam, but it seems you have several options.  Some include creating a crease with a scar, but you may consider correcting the asymmetry with fat grafting procedures and reducing/ shaping some areas with liposuction.

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Correcting an asymmetric gluteal crease

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There are several options to correct and asymmetric gluteal crease. This may be done by a small excision surgery but can also be done through the transfer of fat into this area to even out the asymmetry. Your best bet is to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has great to experience in Butt contouring surgery, butt lifts, and fat grafting techniques. They will be able to assess your tissue and determine which combination of procedures will help you meet your goal.

Fat grafting and a crease lift

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Fat grafting will take care of any volume difference. Any skin excision will leave a scar behind.One procedure could help in this case which involve lifting the buttock from the crease area.This scar will usually heal much better.

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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If the differences in volume and the crease position are not too bad, you certainly could expect improvement in the asymmetries. However, don't put too much faith in the ability of lifting the buttock to affect the appearance of the fold -- it won't move it; it will just adjust the tissue above, hopefully making it look elevated.

Nonetheless, you will have a scar from the buttock lift, but it should be acceptable to you if you are reasonable in your expectations.

One other thought to consider is whether some liposuction just below the fold (at the upper end of the backside of your thigh) would help. It is a tricky area that seems to always want to remain a little irregular after treatment, but it would be worth considering if you have a big asymmetry.

Go see a plastic surgeon with experience in body contouring, and you'll get your best recommendation for how to proceed.

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