Butt Implants...Fullness?

I have set a date to get butt implants at the hunstad/kortesis center in huntersville 03/15/13 but my concern is A. the implant may not give me the fullness i want so mabe i should go up a size and B. i want it to look as natural as possible.i would like my stomach to be smart lipo to maybe transfer some fat to my hips and around the implant to give a hourglass figure iam already paying alot for the surgery which by the way per the reviews would be worth it but is it possible to do it that way

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Butt Implants...Fullness?

Intramuscular implants can improve volume by 400 cc or so, depending upon the size of the individual. A significant amount above this volume compromises healing by creating more tension on the healing incision.  Fat grafting can be used to further improve results.  Traditional liposuction should be used during the fat harvest to preserve fat viability.

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Butt Implants..Fullness

The preferred method for performing buttock augmentation is fat transfer, the use of the patient's own body fat to reshape the butt. Fat injection achieves a more natural result, has a lower risk of infection, and also contours the areas around the buttocks to enhance the overall effect. However, implants may be recommended for patients who have very little body fat to harvest, such as body-builders and naturally thin patients.

Buttock implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes to best fit each patient's body type and desired goal. They are made of soft silicone, which provides a firm, smooth and natural feel. They are placed away from important nerves as well as the bony area on which you sit. The upper and outer regions of the butt become rounder and firmer once the implants are in place. The procedure takes about two hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made inconspicuously in the depression between the buttocks.

As with any surgery, there are risks to buttock augmentation with fat transfer or silicone implants. These include infection, bleeding, reaction to the anesthesia, and damage to nerves or muscles. One or both buttock implants may shift after they have been placed. Occasionally, a repeat operation is necessary to achieve the desired results.

When performed by an experienced surgeon using the proper techniques, buttock augmentation is a highly satisfying and permanent procedure that enhances the profile of the buttocks and surrounding areas for a younger, firmer, curvier look.


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Butt implants

Dear missbennett,

        You are making a wise decision by having butt implants as oppose to fat injection that disappears completely or almost completely  after 1 year. It is very important that you trust your doctor. In order to have that trust, you have to check lots of before and after pitures. After making sure that you like the results, Talk to your doctor about your desired butt size. The implants come in different sizes and dimensions - length , width and projection. Pictures from magazins can be helpful for good communication with your surgeon.

    Best of luck,

                   Dr Widder


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