Butt Implant Revision - Can I Go Bigger?

I have done butt implants around 8 months ago and I love the results the shape is beautiful and very natural , but I would like to go a little bit bigger. I love the results when i did it but now that Im not swollen at all it looks small, Im a curve girl and my implants are 330cc I would like to go 360cc but Im not sure if that would make much difference .I want my butt to look bigger but natural. Thanks

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Larger buttock implants

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From the photos, it looks like you have a beautiful result.  I doubt that adding another 10% to the buttock implant size will make a difference you can even detect, and re-opening the surgical pocket always carries the risk of creating problems.

Your surgeon can tell you how many additional millimeters you will get from the additional volume, based on the tables provided by the manufacturer.

But my advice would be to enjoy the great result you have obtained and skip any additional surgery.  Go back and check your pre-operative photos to remind yourself of the improvement you have obtained from your surgery.

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Butt Implant Revision - Can I Go Bigger?

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This question is less common with butt implants and with breast augmentation but does occasionally happen. In both butt and breast augmentation if patients could change one thing after their surgery they often wish they had gone bigger.

The short answer is yes you can typically go bigger. There is some limit to the initial surgery that can be done in terms of what implant your body and handle. With time the skin stretch to accommodate the new implant. That is why it is easier to place a bigger implant than you might have been able to do at the initial surgery.

I typically make patients wait at least six months after their initial surgery before undergoing any revision or implant exchange. This will allow all the swelling to go down and for the internal tissue to settle. This will allow us to make a good decision on what size will help you accomplish your aesthetic goals.

Please discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentations.

Upsize butt implants?

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You seem to have a beautiful result.  I do not think that upsizing your implant is worth the substantial risk of infection.  The upsize volume but you are considering will not make much of a difference.  Only you can judge whether the risk and benefits are worthwhile pursuing.  Speak with your plastic surgeon.

Larger butt implants

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Dear Mona,

   Thanks for submitting your picture. Adding , though, the before picture will be very helpfull. Like the previous comment, I do not recommend a 30cc increase , because it will be insignificant. 430cc or even 485cc will be more appropriate and still look natural. Your result looks very nice, so , discuss it with your surgeon. If he declines to go bigger and you are adamant about the change, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who performs lots of butt implants. Check his or hers before and after to make sure that you like the results.

         Best of luck,

                               Dr Widder


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