I Had Butt Implants Two Weeks Ago but I Still Feel I Want a Tighter Butt... is This Possible by Exercise?

Note: I never really tried hard working on that area, i took the easy way out which is surgery but i want to get it tighter in the lower part because the implants are high. i love the result but i want it tighter in the are that links the hamstring with the butt (the round part at the end) with good nutrition and exercise can i achieve this?

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Buttocks after implant

Two weeks is too early to be making judgements on the final result. That being said, implants can be high, as the sciatic nerve limits the placement low. Talk with your doctor.It may be that due to your anatomy, that is as good as it gets. However fat grafting to the lower aspect of the buttocks can round it out and make it more firm,as well as improving the join to the leg.

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