Butt Implants Removed and Hoping to Fix Damage with Diet and Exercise?

One of my butt implants shifted toward my hip after 7 weeks. I had a revision to correct the implant, but the same implant shifted up towards my hip 6 months later so I had them removed! My butt is looser and flatter now then before I got the implants. I've been reading about other people with this problem and the answer always seems to be another revision surgery? I never want to have any more surgeries so I was wondering if I could fix this problem with heavy weight lifting and a special diet?

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Correcting the butt shape after implant removal

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I am sorry to hear that you have had many problems with your butt implants.  It is unlikely proper diet and exercise can fix the contour problem now that the skin is looser.  Options include replacing the implants in a different plane ( for example, if above the muscle, then put the new ones below the muscle) just like we do in breast implant surgery, or maybe gain weight and have fat transfers to the butt.  Good luck and take care!

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