Butt Implants - When Will I See Results?

I just had butt implants put in about 2 weeks ago and at the same time did some fat transfer to the sides of my butt for a rounder shape. I can see a difference on the top of my butt right under my back but in the middle of my butt is flat. The bottom of my butt has no round lift to it either. The surgeon used the oval shape implant. The surgeon said with time gravity will bring them lower and get a rounder shape. I'm suppose to see it rt away not later on. What should I do?

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Butt implant results....

The best thing to do is to wait, let the healing process continue and see how things look once your swelling is gone.  Obviously, your implants aren't going to get any bigger with time, but, you may see an improved shape as your swelling goes down and the implants settle a little. Your surgeon may have used a relatively small implant or only a small amount of fat. 

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Butt implants

Wait till all the swelling is resolved and the drains are out., then compare the pictures before and after.

I do believe you are right the implant is too high and no projection in the central buttocks.

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