Are Butt Implants a Longer Lasting Solution Than Fat Transfer?

i work out almost every day i lift weights and my butt is still very flat and i have no hips i am very thin and i dont really want butt implants would like fat transfer but im scared i will pay alot of money and i will loose all the fat again.

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Buttock implant surgery vs. a brazillian butt lift...

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Buttock implant surgery versus a Brazilian butt lift using fat transfer has some pros and some cons.   First a buttock implant surgery is a permanent procedure, but does have some possible risks such as fluid collection around the implant, or movement of the implant.  This procedure should only be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who has had extensive training and knowledge of this surgery.  A Brazilian butt lift on the other hand is a more common procedure.  First, Liposuction is performed on areas of the body such as the stomach and thighs, and then the fat is processed and finally transferred to the buttock area.  Some of the fat may be absorbed back into the body but a good portion of it may be become permanent, and additional injections can add to the result.  Discuss your options with your surgeon to choose the best options for you. 

Fat Grafting vs Butt Implants for Butt Augmentation

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Hello and Great Question!

Butt Implants are NOT a longer lasting solution than fat transfer. A fat transfer is currently becoming the Gold Standard for butt contouring and augmentation. The main question is: “Is there enough fat to perform a butt augmentation with only fat grafting.” If you are very fit, the answer is likely no.
However, even in extremely low body fat percentage individuals I can find fat somewhere. I favor using an implant with fat grafting. Why a combination? Because the negatives of an implant in very thin or low body fat percentage individuals is that you can “feel and/or see the implant”. Therefore, I like to place the implant and then place the fat around the implant to soften the edges and feel. Will this make it imperceptible? No, but it will significantly improve it and therefore improve the results.

I hope that helps.  Best of Luck!

Buttock Implants vs Fat Transfer

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The bottom line is, for someone as lean as you are, you do not have enough fat to transfer to the buttocks.  By the time a year has passed and 60+% of the fat has melted away you will have gained next to nothing.  This is actually the case for most patients seeking buttock augmentation.  Nonetheless, buttock implants when done by a very experienced plastic surgeon can create a beautiful predictable and long lasting, even permanent, result.  The key is to find a plastic surgeon whom specializes in this procedure.  Best of luck...RAS

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Absoultely not

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Your concerns are very reasonable. I have performed many Buttocks Implants and Fat Grafting procedures. There is no question in my mind, from over 12 years experience with both of these procedures, that the Fat Grafting procedure is a MUCH safer and far superior procedure to Butt implants in every possible way.

The only patients I would consider Butt implants on are those who have absolutely no fat to transfer. Many patients of mine have opted to gain some weight so that they can have enough fat to transfer to their buttocks. This works beautifully, because just about anywhere you gain it, we can suck it back off. Either procedure can potentially be life long lasting, but with Buttocks implants you are likely to need or want to have them removed at some point due to problems. I don't expect to ever see patients coming back years later to have their fat removed, because it is all natural.

As far as losing the fat. I have never seen this happen with my technique. I have seen patients of mine over 10 years after their surgery that looked as good then as they did 3 months after the surgery.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Longevity of butt implants vs. Brazilian Butt Lift

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Patients today have many different options in butt augmentation and contouring. Brazilian butt lift surgery consists of liposuction to the abdomen and trunks and then cleaning & processing this fat and transplanting it into the buttock region.
Butt implants may be a good option for patients who do not have sufficient fat for a successful Brazilian Butt Lift.
If the surgeries are done properly, the results, whether your own fat or implants, should be permanent. If fat is transplanted, this may change with extreme weight loss or gain.

Butt implants

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The reason they are done rarely here is because of the malpractice problems in the USA. In south america no one sues the doctor even if they have problems.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock implants versus fat injections for gluteal augmentation

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This is a newer area of plastic surgery and in my opinion the jury is still out on what is the best approach. In my opinion, the implants currently available in the United States are not as good as what is available in other parts of the world (Brazil). At this time I prefer fat injections which I think feel more natural and have fewer problems than implants.

John L. Burns Jr., MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Fat transfer to the buttocks is superior

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Fat transfer to the buttock is superior. Once it takes it is permanent. You probably will not lose it easily.

Buttock implants are good alternative but like breast implants they require maintanance.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Butt implants vs. fat transfer

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Butt implants are more common in Central and South America, probably because they have more access to implants designed for that purpose. I don't like to bash procedures that I don't do, but I have occasionally treated butt implant complications from other surgeons. The procedure has a high rate of complications, some minor, others not so minor. Even if everything goes well, the look is sometimes a little strange. Like breast implants, you shouldn't consider them permanent. Someday you'll be having additional surgery.

Fat transfer on the other hand, uses your own fat, and the fat that survives the procedure and healing phase (most, if done properly and with the right equipment) can be considered "permanent". Of course there are potential complications, like anything else, but I believe it's a better procedure, and can yield a more natural result. If you are very thin, however, it could be an issue harvesting enough fat to transfer.

Are Butt Implants a Longer Lasting Solution Than Fat Transfer?

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Butt augmentation has become one of the fastest growing aesthetic procedures in the U.S. Both fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) and Butt Implants are both good procedures it just depends on the individual needs of each person.

The Brazilian butt lift has the benefit of sculpting a patient’s waist, it transforms the patient from a square shape to more of an hour glass figure. The fat can then be used to enhance the buttock. The other benefit is that you are augmenting the butt with your own natural tissue. The down side is that you have to have enough fat to do the augmentation and that there is a limit to how big you can make the butt in one setting with fat transfer.

Butt implants have the benefit that they can be used independent of the amount of fat that a patient currently has available. Also the implants tend to give patients more projection of their butt, so even when patients are very flat they will have an incredible result. The implants only augment the butt they do not sculpt the waist.
Butt implants with fat transfer is the third option and very common in my practice. It has the best of both worlds as it has the augmentation of the implant and the shaping of the liposuction. The fat that is harvested can also be used to enhance the hips or other areas that your plastic surgeon may want to enhance after the placement of the implant.

Please discuss you butt augmentation with a board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of these procedures.

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