Butt Implants in NY, What Do You Recommend?

I am very interested in butt implants in the NY area. Which doctors would you recommend? **** Not Brazilian butt lift ***** What is the price range? Do they last forever? Thank you

Here is a list of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in New York who specialize in Butt Implants.

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Buttock implants in NY

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Unfortunately, I have no one to refer you to in NY that specializes in buttock implants.  However, I can recommend in your search to make sure to go to a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in this procedure - meaning s/he performs at least 25+ per year.  Also be sure to look at his/her before and after results of previous patients to make sure you like the overall results.  Then schedule a consultation and hopefully the chemistry is there.  Glad to help... 

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Butt implants

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Dear Cma, You are very smart to look for butt implants surgeon and not BBL surgeon. Fat injection last for 6-12 months in my experience , observing patients who had it done by other surgeons. Butt implants last for many years. In my over 10 years experience with butt implants I did not have a patient whose implants disappeared . There are few important issues with the implants surgery - shape, size, softness, pocket location and incision placement. Consult only with board certified plastic surgeon who does lots of butt implant surgery. Check the before and after , to make sure that you like the results . Also ,  read the reviews about butt implants and ideally, talk to one or two patients who had it done, so you learn abot the procedure and the surgeon. Best of luck, Dr Widder

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