Can I Still Have Butt Implants if I Have 3rd Degree Burns Across my Bum?

Hi i was thrown in a bath of hot water and held in by my then adoptive mother, i was 4 years old. Im now 32 and have 3rd degrees stretching over 40percent of my lower body. Unfortuantely i have had the pleasure of many ops but none of which iv been happy with. I have a gap above my left knee, a burn that crosses over my leg causing bulging and my left bum cheek simply slip straight into my leg!!Is it possible to have these gaps filled with gel????

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Buttock Augmentation Options with Burn Contractures

Although it may very well be possible to improve the contour of your buttocks by one means or another, it is impossible to recommend any option(s) in your complex case without first seeing you in person to examine the exact anatomy of your wounds.  Best to seek a consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon, who specializes in buttocks augmentation/implants, for advice on your matter.  Best of luck...RAS 

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Not enough information.Such complex reconsrtuctive/cosmetic surgery require an in person consultation with a plastic surgeon to decide  on the best approach.

One has to consider the healing of the third degree burn, by scarring or was there a skin graft,

Is there scar contractures resulting in deformities?

There are several ways to correct. Injecting gell is not acceptable treatment nor it is safe.

Pictures will help

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