Unsatisfied with BBL, if I Were to Get Implants Which Placement Would be Best/Safest?

I've heard butt implants can be placed in 4 different ways in the buttocks; under the skin, under the muscle lining,in the muscle or under the muscle.I'm 33 years old and wants to get butt implants and had Brazilian Butt Lift 9 months ago but I'm not happy with the result I'm scared to get the implants and get an infection 1-Is it possible to get implants or is it too risky and i might get an infection 2-In which way out of these 4 ways should implants be placed to minimize the risk of infection

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Buttock Implants

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Buttock implants can be placed in the sub-cutaneous, sub-fascial. intra-muscular. intra-muscular seems to be the most stable, the implants need to be small, and the surgery is more demanding. There is more risk of bleeding, and chronic pain. The incidence of infection is the same for all positions, mainly because of the position of the incision in the inter-gleuteal crease. Each surgeon should have hie/her own protocol to decrease  the risk of infection, starting preoperatively and post operatively. However you need to accept the fact that there are risks and complications. If these do occur then you will need more surgery, and treatment and you will be responsible for all the cost of any further surgery or treatment of complications. If you can not accept that then do not do the surgery, that has no risks and complications and further financial cost.

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