Butt Implant Surgery

ive done butt implant surgery 6 weeks ago,my wound is still open ,about 6cm and have 5mm deep,i clean and dressing them twice a day ,how long does it take to be healed? my dr told me they dont need to be stitched, how many days is going to be take? im crying every day, im panic...please if you have any information about that let me know..

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Buttock Implant

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wound healing problems in Buttock Implant surgery is seen when one incision in the midline and dissection is carried through the presacral fascia.

You need to be carefull because you have an implant and an open wound. Keep cleaning the wound and dress it frequently. Watch for infection.

It will heal but may take another 3-6 weeks.

Be patient and see your doctor frequently for check up and advise

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