Butt implant size for 5'7, 125lbs?

I'm having my Butt done (implants) due to my small frame i can't get Bbl I am 5'7 125lbs i was wondering what size would be good for my frame? and also give me projection I have Bottom Butt

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Butt implant size for 5'7, 125lbs?

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    Intramuscular implants can improve volume by 400 cc or so, depending upon the size of the individual.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Intramuscular vs. Subfascial Buttock Implant Sizes

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If an intramuscular technique is being used, 300cc to 350cc buttock implants would be about the largest to get in with your body frame. If a subfascial technique is being used then 400cc to 450cc buttock implants could be placed.

Butt implants

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Dear sexy,

Congratulation on your decision to get butt implants because, unlike fat injection to the butt that does not last beyond 6 - 12 months, the implants do not disappear. As far as size, it is difficult to answer without knowing the technique that your surgeon is using. The sub muscular and intra muscular can host small implants , where as the sub fascial can host much bigger implants. The most popular implants size in my pracice is 565cc but larger implants can be used on bigger frame patients by ordering custom made implants. Since you are 5'7, you can have a large implants, so I hope that your surgeon is familiar with the sub fascial technique. Also, in my opinion, the oval round shaped implants are the most anatomical and most attractive. The pocket location is important too , because it can give you a more muscular or more faminine look. In summary, it is not a simple procedure and I would recommend consulting with board certified plastic surgeons who do lots of butt implants surgery.

Best of luck,

Dr Widder

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