What Butt Implant Would You Recommend? Please Any Feedback Much Appreciated.

I am a female, 20 years old, 145 pounds, 6 foot, slim and big chested E cup. I have a medium sized round butt currently. What butt implant would look best? I have been offered 600cc round in between the muscle. Is this too much? And feedback would be appreciated thank you.

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Buttock implant

Choosing the right Buttock implant is done after complete examination and measurement of the buttocks. Also discussion with you about the desired size and projection and the anatomy of the area. You also have to look at the fat distribution around the lower back love handles area and plan the surgery very carefully to achieve an aesthetic results.

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600cc round butt implant

Hi. Is really hard to tell without evaluating you, but you should be aware that you shouldn't treat butt implant sizes as if it were the fat transfer volume. They behave completely different. In my practice we usually use oval implants, and we get great result with much less volume. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to get a personalized opinion about your case.

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What Butt Implant Would You Recommend? Please Any Feedback Much Appreciated.

Intramuscular implants can improve volume by 400 cc or so, depending upon the size of the individual.   A significant amount above this volume compromises healing by creating more tension on the healing incision.

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Buttock Implant sizing

One of the most important factors in creating the perfect derriere with implants is indeed selecting the right size AND shape. I have found the best way to assure this is to simply measure the actual dimensions of the patients buttock cheeks. With these anatomical measurements, I can select an implant that not only significantly augments the buttock but also supplies the correct 3-dimensional enhancement to look as real as possible. Therefore the only way for you to know what implant works best is to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in this procedure and have him/her take your measurements before selecting an implant and proceeding with surgery.

To my knowledge, the largest buttock implant available in the USA is a 690cc round implant made by AART.  Indeed custom implants can be ordered larger, not only at a premium price but at a premium risk for most patients'.  Unlike breast implants which are placed under the very expandable tissue of the breast and half of the pectoral major muscle, buttock implants are (most preferably) placed under (or at least within) the largest strongest muscle of the body, the gluteus maximus muscle, which is not nearly as expandable or forgiving.  Thus most patients simply do not have a large enough native buttock muscle to fit an implant over even 500 ccs', without leading to significant complication such as wound breakdown/opening &/or implant exposure...necessitating removal.  Glad to help...

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