Am I In the Clear if Butt Implant Infection No Longer Smells When Being Drained?

i had my buttocks implants surgery, then after a week i went to my first appointment,and when my doctor touched my butt, i told him i felt air insidee, so he knew something was wrong.he opened the cut then blood came and smelled sooo baddd and drained all the fluid i had inside that was a lot, after 2 weeks i still have the cuts open and hesee me every other day to drain , but now it doesn't have any smell, its just like kinda yellow or clear, when it was red,my quesion will i be ok?

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Need to communicate with your doctor

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This does not sound good. If there is infection of an implant it usually means that you have to remove the implant, let things settle and try again.

There may be exceptions to this rule, but you need to be asking your doctor what the plan is, because he will have all the information.

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Buttock implant infection

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What are the results of the culture?

This is crucial information ,

Infected implants cannot be saved, they should be removed.


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