Butt Implant Infection Removal

What is the best way to repair damaged butt muscles after an infection? I caught an implant infection 12 days after putting in the butt implants and they had to be removed. My butt doesn't looked damaged but I know the implant was behind the muscle so of course there is muscle damage. How long would it take for it to get better? Should I take special vitamins or excercise them?

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Buttock Implants

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Though infection is rare, it seems you had a good, vigilant plastic surgeon who appropriately treated it with romoval of implants and antibiotics.

The implant was intramuscular for more protection of the implant.

I doubt you had any damage to the muscle due to infection. The muscle will returm to it's prevous position and state with time. It may take 6-12 months. You are doing the right thing with EXCERCISE, That will help your muscle very much.

Depending on the severith of infection, the changes in buttock shape, deformities will continue to improve with time.In about 6-12 months, reevaluate the residual problems and work with your plastic surgeon to repair the problems, if there is any, for a plan of repair.

Infection is a potential risk with ANY surgery, the important part is to make the diagnosis early and treat properly. It is important to discuss all potential risks before any surgical procedure. As a patient you have to decide if the risks are acceptable to you or not. If not then do not do the surgery.

Hope all will go well with you

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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