Butt Implant Infection

I had butt implant put in about 12 days ago and they infected. I had do much pain and got really sick I had to go the emergency room. They told me the implant got infected and my body is rejecting it. The pain was 20 times worst than the butt implant being placed in my body. The worst pain ever. I just had them removed and I feel so much better. No more pain just alittle discomfort from the stiches. How long does postop take for the removal? At least my butt skin went back to normal.

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You will need time to heal.

I'm sorry to hear of your troubles.  But, it sounds like you are doing much better.  It was smart of you and your surgeon to remove the butt implants before you got any sicker.  You may need up to six months of healing to feel completely normal again, but only time will tell.

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

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