Butt Implant Vs Butt Injections

what do you recommend but implants, or a but lift done with injections?

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Brazilian Butt Lift is more superior to butt implants

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Buttock enhancement with the Brazilian Butt Lift with fat transfer is much more superior to implants.

Implants will require maitainance. Fat transfer need no mainyainance once the fat has taken. The Liposuction also will enhance your buttock and your body curves.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Buttock augmentation with fat transfer

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For buttock augmentation, I prefer fat transfer. The chance of infection is considerably less than implant. Cnsider that buttock augmentation is not a replace for buttock lift.

M. Ryan Khosravi, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift or Butt Implants?

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When choosing between the Brazilian Butt lift and Buttocks Implants, there is absolutely no doubt which provides a better result. The Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure has far fewer complications than Buttocks Implants and a much more natural result. Both can make your buttocks larger and shaplier, but when it comes to feel and comfort, using your own fat will win every time.

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