Can I Have Butt Implant Again After Having Them Taken out Due to Complication?

I started having fever. my incision was almost closed. I had a lil hole still open. went to the ER to have it check after blood test they said I had an infection in my blood. They X-ray my butt and find out my butt implant wasn't infected they didn't know where the infection came from. So after giving me antibiotic they said I could go I had no more infection but the next morning I had a high fever so I had to stay to have them taking out. They had no idea why I still had a fever. No infection

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Butt Implants Can be Replaced once removed

By your history it does seem as if you had an infection involving the butt implants.

That being said after waiting 6-12 months most plastic surgeons would reconsider replacing them. You may have an increased risk however for a similar occurrence. Please discuss the risks associated with this procedure with a board certified plastic surgeon. 

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock Implants after removal

Chances are you did have an infection of the wound and/or implants.  Regardless, the wound needs to heal completely and stablize before new implants can be replaced - the gold standard timeframe for this is a minimum of six months.  Because every surgeon has a different protocol, I would be sure to consult your operating surgeon about this exact issue.  Hope this helps...RAS

Ryan Stanton, MD
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Infected Butt implants

If you have a little hole in the incision and any drainage then you have an infected butt implants. The butt implants need to be taken out culture the cavity and tissue culture the capsule, remove the capsule and treat with Intravenous antibiotics initially then by mouth antibiotics.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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