Will Butt Exercises Increase my Butt Size?

I currently am deciding on whether or not to have a bbl. But I want to exercise more to 1 be a good candidate for the procedure & 2 b in shape as well. If I go through with the bbl can I do butt exercises to increase shape without loosing fat in the buttocks?

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Will Butt Exercises Increase my Butt Size?

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Exercise will tone and contour the buttocks squats may help you a little with more projection but not a lot of difference weight is more essential for increasing the size and exercise to make sure while you gain weight you tone and gain muscle as well. best of wishes

BBL vs exercise

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As a bodybuilding competitor myself, and my wife a soon to be PRO figure competitor, I'd have to say I always recommend the exercise route to increase buttock size and shape.  "Glutes" are the rage right now among the women bodybuilding scene.  Its everyone focus.  It takes time, and lot of hard work.  But results are very attainable.  
BBL is a permanent change in distribution of where you gain and lose fat.  Doing lot of butt exercises will enhance the result in combination with BBL, IF body fat is NOT reduced.  When you start losing body fat, you will lose the BBL fat.  But if you gain back your weight, it will come back. 
hope that helps!
Dr M

Hard regular exercise will work

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The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the human body.  Work it hard using heavy weights with a trainer's instruction and it will grow.  It has to.  The extent of growth will be directly proportionate to the force of the contraction caused by the weight you lift. 

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Will Excercise Increase my Butt Size?

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Thank you for your question! Doing exercises will help shape the buttocks.  Dieting and overall weight loss will make you loose fat in your but, gaining weight will make the buttocks larger.  Its a matter or overall body weight loss or weight gain.

Dr Dhaval Patel
Double Board Certified
Plastic Surgeon
Hoffman Estates
Oak Brook

Fat for roundness and fullness, not muscles

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If you exercise and diet, the fat in your buttocks will reduce and adversely affect your butt shape. You can try building your muscles in the area to improve your shape, but that only does so much. If you want roundness and fullness, you'll need fat. 

Will Butt Exercises Increase my Butt Size? #BBL #exercise

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A healthy lifestyle with exercise and nutrition is always encouraged.  The various exercises to increase the size of your butt may help out some to enlarge the muscles, yet it does not contour your shape.  You can be in great physical shape yet have a relatively poor buttock contour.  So the answer is yes, please exercise and give it a chance to see if your enlarged buttock will suffice.  If not then the Brazilian Buttock Lift would assist in providing shape and size to not only your buttock, but to your overall body contours.

Will Butt Exercises Increase my Butt Size?

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Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us.

A healthy lifestyle is always encouraged and welcomed. This does not however ensure that you will retain more or less fat cells.

In my patients, they can expect between 60-80% of the fat to survive. The survival rate depends both on the genetics of your body and the skill of the surgeon. Post surgery, you should follow the plan laid out to you by your surgeon, and avoid putting pressure on your backside (sitting) when possible.

My recommendation is that you find an ASPS board certified surgeon in your area who specializes in the BBL, and set up an in person consult. An in person consult with an an ASPS board certified surgeon is the only way to determine the best route for your body and your goals.

It is all about designing the perfect plan for You.

Good luck, please let us know how it goes.

-Dr. Constantino Mendieta

Butt exercise after BBL

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There is no problem doing butt exercises after a BBL. Exercising after BBL will only enhance the shape of your buttocks and will not harm the results of the fat transfer. Buttocks exercise will tone and firm the muscles helping improve buttocks shape and lifting the overlying fat and skin. 

Exercising will help tone muscles.

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Exercising can help tone the muscles in the buttocks, which will give it a firmer and more lifted shape, squats and lunges done correctly will increase the size of the glutes, and by extension increase the size of the of the buttocks. This may not give the shape, size, or speed of the result desired, but exercises do help. I advise all my patients to perform these exercises, after the procedure. 
In regard to being a good candidate for a butt lift, this procedure is only limited by the amount of excess fat that can be removed from the body and injected into the buttocks. Your doctor will be able to assess whether your body has a sufficient amount of excess fat that would be necessary for this procedure.

Butt Exercises for Increasing Buttock Size!

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butt exercies will only firm up the buttock muscles and tend to give you a better perkiness but not a bigger butt.

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