Butt Crease Lengthened After Liposuction. What Can I Do to Make the Crease Normal?

I had liposuction to a number of places including the lateral buttocks approximately 4 weeks ago. My butt crease has extended to my outer thighs now and I don't know why. I actually feel my butt on the back of one thigh. I had about 4100cc removed but I had really big saddlebags and although I am slim on my upper body, my lower half is really big so it's hard for me to think that too much fat was taken out. Is this a permanent situation or do I have some hope of my crease going back to normal?

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Butt Crease Lengthened after Liposuction

Butt crease lengthening after liposuction may be able to be corrected with fat grafting, but I would have to see photos or provide an exam to deliver any concrete recommendations.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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The lenghtening butt crease after liposuction

With a large volume liposuction (4100cc) as the fat compartment is reduced, and skin envelope will contract as much as possible to allow the new contour. If the skin can't adapt, remaining tissue will become ptotic or droop as the volume is removed, and indeed the butt can fold over and the crease lengthen. Skin reduction is a solution though results in a scar.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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