Can my Butt Crease Be Fixed?

I had liposuction on my outer and inner thighs four months ago. At first, I thought these grooves were caused by the compression garment and thought they might go away. I now realize two much fat was removed causing my butt to droop. This look terrible! I want to know if ... 1) The appearance may improve with time. 2) If it can be fixed? (my crease looks worse than any I've seen online yet) 3) If I can hold the surgeon accountable? 4) Will any type of exercise improve the appearance?

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Liposuction and crease under buttocks

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If too much fat was removed from the infrabuttock area in the upper back thigh, there may be a drop of the buttock. Furthermore, a crease may develop that is unsightly.  Your surgeon should be questioned by you to see what they would suggest.  Usually it is treated by a series, if not one, of fat injections.  Time and exercise and diet probably won't help.

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Fat grafting can help and will take more than treatment

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You are right and too much fat removed. Fat grafting will help and will take more multiple sessions.

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