Butt Augumentation-Lipo For a 16 Year Old? I'm a Bit Overweight; Exercising and Dieting Doesn't Help?

Im 16 and my body is very mature for my age. I am not obese but a little bit over weight, i try exercising and dieting for long periods of time and i cant ever get to how i want to look, also my butt is flat and i have been exercising to make my butt bigger and it did, but not a lot. I am VERY self concious, i was wondering if liposucion or a butt augumentation is possible with my parents approval.

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Liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks is a 16 year old?

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It would be a very, very rare instance in which doing this would be appropriate for a young woman your age.   BUT - not unheard of.

You would need a complete evaluation by someone who specialized in adolescent medicine to make sure there were no hormonal issues and that you were indeed fully physically mature.  You would also need to be cleared psychologically and would need good parental support.

My youngest liposuction patient was 17 when I did her surgery (she was HWP and had truly abnormal fat distribution) and I have done breast reduction surgery on a couple of 14 year olds and have done breast augmentation for marked breast asymmetery in a 15 year old.  All of these young ladies met all of the aforementioned criteria.  And all of these young ladies made me think how miserable it would be to have their physical issues at any age, but particularly as a young woman.  

Some teens are much more mature and ready for surgery than some "adults."   

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Cosmetic surgery on minors

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There are many issues to be discussed and evaluated before doing any surgery on a minor. Your body is still changing. you need in persoon evaluation and may be a psychiatric evaluation then a decision for appropriateness of surgery is made

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