Best Butt Augmentation Procedure for Plus Size Woman?

What would be the best procedure if I want my butt to be big and fatty? I'm not to worried about the rest of my body.

I feel that, that could be toned. I'm a heavier woman and I don't mind being a lil plus in size; but my butt don't fit my plus size body. I'm also wondering what would promote the most movement (don't wanna a stiff butt)?

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The simple answer to your question is fat grafting. This would give you the result you desire and do it naturally as it uses your own fat to supplement and augment your butt in the most natural way possible. check out some before and afters and find a surgeon who frequently performs this procedure including on larger patients.

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Dr. Sean Simon

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Plus size woman butt Augmentation - Fat transfer is the best

Full Size women best for Brazilian Butt Lift
Best Butt Implant/Augmentation for plus size women

There are two procedures for you: the Brazilian Butt Lift (lipoinjection) and the Butt

Augmentation. Fat transfer (lipoinjection) involves harvesting fat from an unwanted area, and then

preparing it for transfer where it is injected into the buttocks as a living transplant. Butt

Augmentations involve having an implant inserted into your ischial region, a little above

where you sit. The safer and better choice would be the Brazilian Butt Lift, since there

is little discomfort with fat transfer and activities are allowed much faster than a buttock

implant procedure. However, it does involve removing fat from an area in your body, so that

area will look more shapelier than before.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Brazilian Butt lift and fat injections

The Brazilian Butt Lift is probably the best option for you. It involves taking fat from the other parts of the body (especially the lower back and hips) and transferring it to the buttock using injection technique.

The main concern for the "plus size" issue is the risk of undergoing general anesthesia for a prolonged period. It would be best for you to discuss this matter with your surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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