Butt Augmentation Infection?

I had fat transfer into my butt on March 25 and now i have a hard red lump on one of my upper butt cheeks that is painful. My surgeon is overseas so i can't go see him. Thinking of going to ER but i have.no ins so if this is normal swelling please tell me!!! Thank you

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Infection after a brazillian butt lift

Infections are rare in butt fat transfers. If you have a fever or puss then the disgnosis is made. If on the other hand you have a red hard area it may resolve with conservative medical care. Go to the nearest walk in clinic and see someone, anyone at first will do. Then if the doctor suspects an infection (or more likely; an area of fat necrosis) then you should see a board certified plastic surgeon who does a ton of brazillian butt lifts. Good judgment comes from experience, experience (unfourtunatly) comes from bad judgment. The most important factor is you, take care of yourself, see a Doctor as soon as possible.

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Thank you for your question, I highly recommend you go see a Doctor, specially if your surgeon is over seas, send him/her pictures to follow up. However without pictures its very hard to tell if there could be an infection.

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Butt Augmentation Infection?

Without at least a picture it's really hard to tell . How big is the lump ?   Is it hot to the touch ? Have you had fever ? 

It will be helpful to send a picture to your surgeon , he might be able to give you some recommendations .

For now you could use warm compresses three times a day in the area for at least 10 minutes.

Best wishes 

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Appropriate diagnosis can not be made on the net, without inperson examination especially infection.

You need to see a doctor to make the proper diagnosis and proper treatment.

This is the problem faced by many who go overseas for cosmetic surgery, what happens, who will care for complications?????

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