Butt Augmentation Redo 3 Years Later?

I had Butt augmentation 3yrs ago but my doctor whom I had cosmetic surgery twice don't want to redo it he says it looks fine to him that I don't need more but I want more butt and more hips.
I have fat to donate to my butt and hips but he says he has never done someones butt twice is that not possible?

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Redo fat grafting to Butt: how many times?

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I would trust the recommendation of your surgeon. In my opinion, if he/she felt it were of low risk AND you were willing to compensate him/her, then I believe they would proceed with surgery. Their hesitation or reluctance to perform this procedure would indicate that it is not advised by a qualified individual.

Re-Re Do Butt Augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift)

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Just because something is POSSIBLE does not mean that it should be attempted.

Regardless of what I or any of my colleagues on this site may say, the only surgeon who really knows your situation and what exactly was done to you is your Plastic surgeon. Although he can stand to financially gain by operating on you a third (a Fourth and a fifth) time, he told you he was uncomfortable doing so. Maybe the likelihood of success is low while the risks are higher. Maybe your result is "good enough". Maybe your goals are unrealistic and he is afraid he cannot make you happy. Personally, I would respect his opinion and take the hint.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Butt Augmentation Redo 3 Years Later?

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Thank you for your question.

Your last doctor should be able to help you at no cost help you to resolve your concern with a revision. I see no reason why he could not you have more than enough fat to give you the curves you are looking for.

Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience and great reviews in your procedure.

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Butt Augmentation Revision

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Your surgeon may not be comfortable with revision surgeries, but it is certainly possible to perform a revision Butt Augmentation. The patient just needs fat available to harvest and transfer to the buttocks. It's important to thoroughly explain your expectations for this procedure, because every one has a different idea of the ideal butt. Find a board certified plastic surgeon and view your surgeons before and after photos to better explain what your desired results is. 

Brazilian Buttock Enhancement

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If you have the fat to donate then you can redo the Brazilian Butt Lift again. The question is what is the final result would look like? Are you going to be happy? Does it fit your  body proportions?

Discuss with your Plastic surgeon.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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