Can Butt Agumentation Make my Hip Wider and Butt Bigger at the Same Time? (photo)

Hi want to travel to us to get brizalian butt Agumentation, I am 5-4 and 123 pounds and have slim structure but do have fat on my upper body. I am wondering if I can have a curvy body as I am now an apple shape body

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Yes may be done both hips wider and prominent butts

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of course you would need to stay no more overweighted than 20 lbs and no less than 10  in order to get the  best results   also  prop lab tests  ok   it is  a pleasure to talk with you please receive my best regards

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Bigger Butt and Wider Hips? .....Is it Possible?

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Yes!  The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can make someone's buttocks larger and their hips wider at the same time.  If you look at my Photogallery, you will see that this is usually one of the most attractive features of the results of this procedure. 
As to whether this procedure will work for you.  I am definitely concerned as to whether or not you have enough fat to make it worth while.  For this you will need to be examined in person.  Photos may also be of some help.
Definitely seek a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs this procedure regularly and who has great results.

Good Luck

Dr M

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Without at least pictures one can not tell you what to expect. The amout of fat and curviness would depend on the distribution of fat and other issues like the muscles of the abdomen. The amount of fat to be transfered would depend on how much extra fat your body has.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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