Should my Butt Look Like This After Having Butt Implants Done?

I had butt implants done 4/21/11.i had no drainage tube and my would split wide surgeon performed a 2nd surgery to fix it but i'm now going thru problems.i have a lot pain and one of my implants are higher then the other.i dont wanna be cut on again and especially by him.i later found out he's not board certified.what problems should look forward to or be on the look for?

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Post-op Buttock Implants

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There typically is quite a bit of swelling for 4-6 weeks following buttock implants surgery, however if you are having complications post-operatively and have also lost confidence with your treating surgeon then I recommend finding another one asap that can directly examine you and continue with follow up care.   This procedure is done by only a relatively small group of experienced surgeons so it is extremely important to stick with only an expert in this field.  Best of luck...RAS

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Butt implant complication

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   Thanks for submitting your pictures. From the discoloration of your butts after the surgery, it appears that you had bilateral hematoma. That might also explain the asymmetry due to different amount of blood in each cheeck. Since you lost you confidence in your doctor , look for a board certified plastic surgeon who performed lots of butt implants. He might need to aspirate the liquefied hematoma which might alleviate your pain. In the future you might have a need for capulotomy surgery if the implants pockets hardens up or the implants are displaced.

            Best of luck,

                                    Dr Widder

Buttock Implant

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Considering what you tell us about the history and with the pictures, You may have or will have some problems with your buttock implants.

Cosult a board certified plastic surgeon (american board of plastic surgery) for complete exam and treatment

Samir Shureih, MD
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Photo appears as an acceptable result. Best is to be patient and allow more healing time. This should teach all the people/patients to research your chosen surgeon to correct board status.

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