Can rhinoplasty correct my chubby droopy nose? (Photo)

my nose is really squishy at the tip and ontop and further up from the tip its quite chubby. i really want a cute slope nose thats more defined. would that be possible?

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Soft nose that droops

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Hi Julia

It sounds like you lack firm cartilages.  I assume you haven't had previous surgery?

Yes rhinoplasty can certainly address this for you by adding structure that will both define your nose and add strength while not increasing it's size. This structure can normally be obtained as cartilage from your nasal septum if you've never had surgery before.

Nothing replaces a face to face consultation.  See someone who loves rhinoplasty.  They will look after you.

I hope this helps.

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Hi. It sounds and looks from your photos that the main problem you have is tip definition. A tip rhinoplasty can definitely help by thinning the cartilages, refining the tip shape and adding support in the firm of a cartilage graft. 



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