Is there a specific time to get married after hymenoplasty surgery?

I have done the hymenoplasty surgery befor 2 months , but I'm not sure when I get married maybe after 2 or 3 years Is that OK ?

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You can get married whenever you wish, but a hymenoplasty takes 6 weeks to heal

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There is no hymenplasty technique in the world that can guarantee that you will bleed. However, if you wish to maximize your chances for bleeding after hymenoplasty, you should wait at least six weeks after the procedure to have sex. Six weeks is the minimum amount of time that the human body requires to restore blood vessels completely to a recently operated scar.

Hymenoplasty: Timing of Intercourse

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Thank you for your question.  Having an intact hymen for intercourse on your wedding night is important for many religions and cultures.  Surgical repair is possible by a cosmetic surgeon experienced in genital surgery.  Our Institute has a center dedicated to women interested in restoring their hymen.  We are sensitive to the delicate nature of the situation and keep the utmost confidentiality. Although a hymenoplasty can be performed, there is never a guarantee that bleeding will occur even in a woman with an naturally intact hymen.  There are many factors involved, including thickness of the hymen, force of penetration, and the size of the penis. The timing of marriage is a personal decision.  Patients are instructed to wait a minimum of 6 weeks prior to intercourse after having a hymenoplasty. I hope that this information helped answer your question.   Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist)

How long before consumation of marriage to get hymenoplasty?

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So long as you are extremely careful during the first 3 weeks after your hymenoplasty, and do not have sex or insert objects into your vagina, the results should remain the same whether it is 2-3 months or 2-3 years. I recommend that women have at least 3 months between surgery and intended marriage date.
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Michael P Goodman MD
Davis, CA USA

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