When can I wear an underwire bra and what kind of exercise can I do?

I had Brest Augmentation Revision with Nipple take-down on Oct. 17th. I have a wedding 11-19-16. Will I be able to wear an underwire bra at that point? My incisions are in the crease below my breasts. I took the pain meds for two days and then started Tylenol as needed. I don't want to do any damage or harm, since I had new breast implant pockets made. Be specific as to what I can do for exercise. I understand I can't go out and run, but what about stationary bike or walking on the tredmill?

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Bra and exercise

I do not allow my patients to wear underwire bras usually for at least 6 weeks to avoid the wire from digging into the incision.  I usually allow them to start light exercise within about 4 weeks or so. Best to ask your surgeon.

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When can I wear an underwire bra

without knowing the details of your surgical and medical history or having a photo of your incisions, it is really difficult to dispense advice online. In general, if there were NO complicating issues and this was a very straightforward breast augmentation through the IMF and all healed just fine, I would allow a patient to wear an underwire bra at 4 weeks for a temporary period of time (just for the wedding). 

Not knowing which pocket was created, I can't tell you specifically what exercises you can or cannot do. I will tell you that for my new breast augmentations under the muscle, I restrict pectoralis muscle exercises (push ups, planks, butterfly's) for 3-6 months. 

Lily Lee, MD
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When can I wear an underwire bra and what kind of exercise can I do?

Although I understand your desire is to receive online advice, only your plastic surgeon should be advising you when it comes to concerns such as returning to exercise and/or specific bra use.  Each plastic surgeon will have his/her own "protocols";  often these protocols are tailored to specific patient's needs, depending on exactly what procedure was performed…

Generally speaking, there is no “standard” when it comes to the use of specific bras or garments after breast surgery. In other words, different plastic surgeons may have different practices when it comes to postoperative dressings/bras. 

In my practice, patients wake up with a surgical bra in place. This surgical bra, although not attractive, is supportive and used for about one month after surgery (some of my patients have been known to burn the bra ASAP). Then, patients transition to a soft sports bra. Wired bras are used when breast have reached their “final position” and patients have full sensation along the breast skin. 

Generally, the longer I have been in practice, the more I appreciate the long term use of supportive bras after all types of breast surgery.  This additional support may be especially helpful when patients are lying down and/or engaged in strenuous exercise. 

Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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When can I wear an underwire bra and what kind of exercise can I do?

Without knowing more about your surgery, it would be best to ask your own surgeon about what type of bra is appropriate for you. 

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