Touch-up surgery after breast augmentation revision? (Photo)

I am 4 weeks PO BA revision as of 11/14/16. PS said he may need to take me back to OR to release tissue on R breast to allow implant to fall into pocket. Does this mean pocket too small? Am I at risk of bottoming out with repeated surgeries? What about incision? Does it look right? It's lower than left breast. What is the % that this will work? Is this common ? He said 15 minute surgery. With more scar tissue formation am I predisposing myself to more complications

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Difficult to predict the future.

Obviously we all desire reassurance regarding the outcome of surgery but it is difficult to predict the future. I don't quite understand the full extent of your surgery and your pre-existing asymmetry: EVERYONE HAS ASYMMETRY.

So was your revision involving your R breast or your left or both? Was your right lifted or your left lifted? Was a capsulorrhapy performed or a capsulectomy? Did you go bigger or smaller? Saline to Saline or Saline to Silicone or Silicone to Silicone? Textured or Smooth? Round or Anatomic? Was it a change from over to under? There are so many factors playing into the final determination of your shape that it is impossible to predict the final shape of your breasts.

My best advice is to follow the recommendations of your surgeon and to allow 6-9 months to elapse to perform a final assessment. More surgery may be required but it is too early to make a final assessment.

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Breast issue

I am sorry, but more information is required. What type of revision did you have?  If a capsule was repaired, perhaps he is referring to releasing some sutures.  Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Touch-up surgery after breast augmentation revision?

It is too early after your surgery to judge the results. Without more information, there is no way to discuss your concerns, which would be better answered by your surgeon. 

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Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question. Based on your photos, it appears as if the IMF on the right has been released too much and would be at risk for bottoming out. Your photo shows the incision has migrated from the IMF on to the breast (assuming the incision was placed in the IMF on both sides). I always reattach the IMF to the chest wall during augmentation to prevent bottoming out because cutting the IMF with an incision creates an open space allowing the implant to migrate on to the abdomen. Good luck with your recovery.

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