2 weeks post-op, slope on my right breast will my implant fall into place? (photos)

I am 2 weeks PO BA revision and nipple take down . Surgery was October 17, 2016.Will the slope on my right breast go away? Will the implant fall into place? I had new pockets created but my asymmetry looks no better. How long for breasts to look like final product? I see PS next week. I have 375 and 350cc mentor silicone high profile.

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Will my implant fall into place?

We don't know about the pocket revision or how things looked before your augmentation, however we do know that most implants do fall and settle into position, and the right time to judge is at six months. It is very hard to wait, though time will tell how your revision works itself out.

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Please see your surgeon

We have limited information regarding your before surgery shape, surgery and type of the implants. It is unlikely that it be corrected 100% and your surgeon should be able to give you better answer.

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2 weeks post-op, slope on my right breast will my implant fall into place?

It takes 3 to 6 months to see the final results so give it some time. Without seeing your before pictures, it is hard to comment. 

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Please provide before pics

Without pictures of what you looked like before the revision, we really can't comment on how this looks or where it is going. Please re-post with preop pics. 

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