Will my Burns Recover ??

I had previously IPL for hair removal and tolerated this well. I was then offered photorejuvenation but not offered a patch test. I had the procedure 2 days ago and it was immediately clear to me that I had been burnt although there was no blistering. Hoping to get referred to camouflage clinic via the local burns unit.I have read lots of threads and was wondering how people's burns healed and how long it took? My marks are black bars and coffee ground marks. Its been very distressing.

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IPL burns

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I am sure that this is very difficult to go through.  While no one can tell you how long it will take to heal and what the final result will be, it will get better than it is now.  Avoid the sun, as this can make it worse and make sure you are using something to keep the areas moist as they heal, whatever your doctor recommends.  

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Treatment of IPL related burns

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While this has been a scary experience, I have seen many such patients come to my clinic for treatment after they had their burns (thankfully performed elsewhere). Sun protection is critical, SPF 60, reapplied every 2-3 hours. Also, start using thicker moisturizers on the area. Once things are settled, usually after 1 month or so, I'll begin using a fading cream containing hydroquine and/or tretinoin. If you are feeling any itch, I would also prescribe a mild topical steroid for 1-2 weeks. Definitely get in the hands of a good dermatologist. 

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Keep IPL burns out of the sun

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I understand this must be very alarming for you.  While it is too soon to tell if there will be any permanent scarring, it is critical that you protect the affected area from the sun.  Furthermore, I would seek treatment from a dermatologist who can monitor your case.  

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Re: Burns

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At this point it is too soon to say what will happen-the key is to keep the areas very moist with petroleum based products such as A and D ointment or vaseline. Do not go in the sun without coverage and be patient. Stay in close contact with the practitioner who performed the procedure and make sure that they see you frequently to monitor your condition.




D. Medalie, MD

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