Burns from Laser Hair Removal

I recently got burns all over my legs from laser hair removal. It has been 3 weeks now and the scabs have fallen off and I am left with white like track marks all over my legs. I have stayed out of the sun but my legs were tanned to begin with. I treated the burns with Silvadene at first. I am worried that the white areas won't go away. Do you have any suggestions on what I can put on the skin now or do I just have to hope that they will heal and new skin will form over them? Please advise

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Hypopigmentation after laser hair removal

It can take many many months for the pigmentation to return to normal. if the scabs are off three weeks after forming, then they were probably superficial scabs, and there may not be textural scarring. one of the worst things to do is to tan trying to get the white spots darker. Usually the skin around gets darker but the white doesn't and looks more white compared wtih the surrounding darker skin.

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