I Have Burns from Laser Hair Removal, Will These Scar? (photo)

I had brazilian laser hair removal and I was badly burned. I made her stop because the treatment didnt feel right as it was happening and Ive had laser hair removal done before so I knew the difference between discomfort and torture. I believe a Syneron machine was used (I think in the past Cynosure was used and I had no issues). Im black so my skin is darker which means I usually scar anyway. Its pretty bad, this is a pic of one segment, not sure what I should do.

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Laser hair removal burns

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Hopefully you had these treatments done at an office where you have access to a physician. I would call the office and ask to see the physician. I believe you need a topical cortisone and betamethasone ointment to help alleviate any burns; as well you may need some hydroquinone in the coming months if you do end up with any post inflammatory hyperpigmentation issues. Make sure you don't pick the site at all in the meantime.

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