Burning skin all over body with rash hot to touch 5 weeks post-op (photo)

been on steroid cream steriods which helped keflex can this be from disovlable stiches or what? its not a change of soap nothing is diffrent started 3 weeks post op. i am now 5 weeks.

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If you were my patient and I didn't know what was causing this, I would have you seen by a dermatologist.  You should ask your PS if they think this is indicated for you.

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Make sure you're seeing your plastic surgeon to follow the treatment of your reaction.  You might want to consider massaging the breasts as well to help with the burning sensation.

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I highly doubt that the reaction is related to absorbable sutures. Most likely, the rash is related to the antibiotic used during surgery or another medication (pain). A contact dermatitis from steristrips, betadine, or tape would be localized and not systemic.

You may need oral steroids like a Medrol dose pack. Keep in contact with your PS and you may need a dermatology consultation.

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Burning skin all over body with rash hot to touch 5 weeks post-op

I am sorry to hear about the complication you are experiencing.  I have not personally seen this complication result from absorbable sutures;  I have seen this most  commonly result from an allergic reaction to oral medication or topical surgical glue. Hypersensitivity to material in a bra is also possible.

 Depending on the rash distribution, your plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with a better idea of what started this immunologic cascade. At some point, down the line, allergy testing (by an allergist) may be helpful to you.

 Best wishes.

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