Burning Sensation in Breasts 3 Years After Breast Augmentation?

I have a BA 3 years ago. I am now having Discomfort in both breasts. It is a burning sensation and it comes and goes. I also have other pain and weird feeling like water leaking and just sharp pain. I have been to my gynocologist and she said breast pain is normal. I also talked with my surgeon and he said he has never heard of anything like that and it is not caused from my plants. I have never had breast pain in the past, not even when I was menstrating. Something just doesnt feel right

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Breast Implants and breast pain

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Breast Augmentation is very common.  There will be some breast pain after the surgery.  Once the implants settle, the pain should go away.  Burning pain in the breasts is from nerve irritation or injury.  Try massage and vitamin B6. 

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Breast pains three years after augmentation

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Burning pains in the breast are not often reported after breast augmentation, and even nerve injury or stretch will settle after nine months or so. Your surgeon and OB are right in that 'nothing' is wrong. If your implants cause you that much worry can you live without them?

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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