Burning Sensation Months After Tummy Tuck

I had a Tummy Tuck 19 months ago. Almost immediately I began experiencing an intense burning sensation in my lower stomach, which my doctor dismissed. After seeing 2 other doctors, I've had Lidocaine injected. I've also tried Elevil, Neurontin, Lyrica, and I am on Keppra. None help with pain, and I've also had horrible side effects. Now I take Lortab twice a day to help with the pain. I'm seeing a pain management psychiatrist to learn biofeedback to help me cope. Can anyone advise me with anything else? I can't imagine living forever like this. Thank you.

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May be other reasons for your pain

A pain managment specialist is not a bad idea.

However, you may want to evaluate for possible neuroma. IF you can precisely locate the location of the pain and elicit a tingling sensation when you tap over the site (Tinel's sign) to reproduce the pain, surgery may be an option. In this instance the area can be surgically explored and the nerve released or the nuroma resected. Occasionally permanent sutures placed in the SFS which entrap a nerve can be responsible. In this instance removing the stitch may be all that is required.

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Burning pain after tummy tuck

It is normal to have weird sensations after tummy tuck. Of course there will be pain from the surgery which should get better over time. There will also be areas of numbness that will improve although it is to be expected that the area directly along the scar will be numb forever. Intense burnng pain is not common, and certainly not for 19 months.

It is impossible for me to know for sure over the internet what is going on, but it sounds to me like you may have a neuroma. You are moving in the correct direction by seeing a pain specialist. I would ask him or her to try to help you find a spot or trigger point where you are most tender. If you can find a spot like that, it can be treated more directly. I hope this helps.

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