Why Am I Still Burning and in So Much Pain from Fraxel on my Neck 4 Days Ago

Hi there! I had Fraxel Laser on my neck and still burning up and very red and painful. If i dont put creme on, my skin feels like its going to crack and very tight. I am using Vaseline Jelly and also Nivea creme. I cant even stand to touch my neck or have anything near it. Can you help me please? I had no problems with fraxel on face or chest. Marilyn ps: This photo from booth on my imac and i am much redder in life etc.

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Fraxel on the neck irritates

It is unusual for the neck to hurt if the chest doesn't after Fraxel to both. Did you have Restore or Repair? Were the Fraxel energies the same? See your doctor to try new soothing creams. It may take another week to improve. If it was Fraxel Repair, make sure you get evaluated as it is more of an aggressive laswr than Fraxel Restore.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Painful neck after Fraxel Therapy

I am hesitant to recommend over the counter products that have numerous additives to promote shelf life and to which you have have a senstivity. Discontinue the Nivea if OK with your practitioner and use petrolatum jelly alone as well as the possible addition of a topical steroid.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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