Burning Gums Around Veneers?

I've been experiencing a burning sensation in the gums around two porcelain veneers. It comes and goes, but has been happening everyday for four months since my dentist decided to adjust the veneers and drilled the thicker margin areas of the veneers and drilled my gums with it. I have found out that usually protective strings are provided around the gums these but weren't given to me. There is no bleeding in the gums so what could this be?

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Burning Gums Around Veneers

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Burning sensation around veneers is an unusal symptom and difficult to give you a good answer without seeing the situation.  If the veneers go too far under the tissue or are rough or bulky they can irritate tissue but usually you would have some bleeding which you do not.  You may want to seek a second opinion from a gum specialist (periodontist).

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