Why do I have burning and sharp pain where the MR was done?

I am 3 weeks po from a full TT. I have had severe burning and pain since day 2 in the top half of my belly. It feels like I pulled or tore a muscle. I have mentioned this every time I go to my PS and he assures me that nothing is wrong. I mentioned to him that maybe he should send me for ultra sound to make sure everything is good - he said I didn't need one at this point. Should I consult with my Primary doctor or am I just being paranoid?

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Burning pain 3 weeks after tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question.  After muscle repair with tummy tuck some pain may occur at 3 weeks but it sounds as though you are extremely uncomfortable.  If your plastic surgeon does not want to investigate further there is no harm in see your primary care Dr. for a second opinion

Pain After TT

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From here, I agree with your surgeon. An Ultrasound is very unlikely to provide a problem that will be able to be or will need to be solved. If a test is not going to provide guidance towards a solution, that test is not likely worth the trouble and expense. Three weeks seems like a long time but your body is in the very beginning of the healing process.  It may be worth a discussion about your pain medicine but patience is likely to benefit you the most.

Dr. Pyle 

Jeremy Pyle, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Burning pain after TT

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I agree with your surgeon. A burning pain is frequent when there is tightening of the abdominal muscles, especially if they were very lax prior to surgery. The pain will lessen wih time, and I would not  do ay diagnostic test so early in the post operative period. Sometimes a muscle relaxant can help. Talk to your surgeon.

I wish you well !

Pain in upper Abdomen after Tummy Tuck

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The pain you describe is normal after muscle tightening.  The muscles are indeed pulled!  This should subside slowly over the next few weeks.  Assuming that your exam is as it should be, further studies are not warranted at this time. And keep in mind that any studies such as ultrasound will be your financial responsibility as insurance will not cover them.

William A. Terranova, MD
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

Pain after a tummy tuck

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The tummy tuck sutures in the upper abdomen muscles can cause the pain you describe.
Pain can persist for weeks - but should be slowly improving.
If a muscle was torn, it should be apparent on physical exam.
ButIf the pain is as bad a month after surgery as it was on day 2, an ultrasound seems reasonable. Best wishes.

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